Thoughts from the Weekend and Mardi Gras…

WHAT A WEEKEND AT OASIS!!! At least 16 people gave their hearts to Jesus in the AM Experiences this past weekend and that was added to the 28… yes 28 YOUNG People who surrendered their lives to Christ on Wednesday night! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Truly amazing what The Lord is doing at Oasis! I began a new series titled “I Believe in You” and I Believe that this series will set the pace for our church for the next year. I am excited to be a part of what HE is doing at Oasis!!!

Much has been asked about Oasis Church having a float in the Mardi Gras parade in Pascagoula this past weekend. Let me start out by saying this… I know the history… I know the purpose… I know what coincides with Mardi Gras usually in what people do… But… I believe Jesus called us to Go Into all parts of the world. The first word.. GO. Dont sit and pray. GO. into ALL PARTS of the world… not just the places where there is a steeple on every corner! There is people in this world that need to know who Jesus is. Albeit, we were not preaching and screaming and beating people with the Bible Belt, but we were a float in this parade that I believe brought some light in potential darkness and the Exposure to 8000+ people is a great opportunity! Jesus Himself would be were people are. The Church is not called to live in our holy huddles and scream at everyone outside our huddle. We are called to GO INTO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD!

Personally, I didnt grow up on the Coast. So Mardi Gras is new for me. Sunday was my first Mardi Gras parade ever. Yes, I saw things, smelled things, and heard things that are not exactly Sunday School atmosphere, but we are talking about people here folks. Jesus is the answer to EVERYONE! Our website got hit more times in the last 24 hours than it did LAST MONTH! Our Facebook page got hit as people are searching to know more about Oasis… if they do, they will find we are about Jesus and there they can find their purpose and destiny if they receive Him… and to think, it started by having a float in the Parade.

Last year, we gave out can huggies and witnessed many people give their lives to Jesus as a direct result of that outreach last year. We were determined to do more this year! There are haters and there are people that will blast us for doing what we did, but that is ok. We are doing what Jesus said to do… He said to Love The Lord your God with Everything and Love PEOPLE as yourself. That is our mission statement at Oasis and we will not back down from it.

By the way, just because people go and participate in the parade doesnt make them sinners and going to hell… for all you over-religious zealots out there. Let me remind you that it is what JESUS DID, not what YOU DO. He paid the price. You dont have to try to compete with that. He fulfilled it. So all you people who went to the Mardi Gras Parade, I hope you got plenty of beads and I hope you feel the love from Oasis Church because we love you and desire to prove to our city and region that you are welcome at Oasis Church. Come see us… We came to see you!

I know… there will be extensive continued debate and theological discussion on the aptitude of the atmosphere of the agenda of the spirit of mardi gras and the representation of the blah blah blah. I will not respond to criticism and hate about this. We love you too. Our agenda and vision is to Love God and Love People. In order to do that, the church has to go where people are to show that love instead of just waiting for people to walk into our buildings.

Another note… Easter Weekend is going to be HUGE Gulf Coast!!!!! Saturday of Easter weekend, join us at War Memorial Stadium in Pascagoula for an Easter Egg Drop from a helicopter!!! We will have live music, booths, prizes, coffee, and Easter Eggs!!! I hear the Easter bunny may even be there… Yes… the Easter Bunny for the kids… (We tried to convince him to jump from the helicopter, but he doesnt like that idea… just kidding..)!

And then on EASTER SUNDAY, we will have an Easter Celebration like no other at the Pascagoula High School Gymnasium beginning at 10:00! LET’S Pack the house GULF COAST!!! I hope and pray to see you at both events!!!

I love you… Oasis Church loves you… LET’S BE The Church and make a difference in our Region!! Have a great week!!!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Weekend and Mardi Gras…

  1. KUDO’s Pastor Eric and Oasis Church, for making your presence known at the 2011 Mardi Gras parade in Pascagoula. Thank you for GOING … to the streets of Pascagoula, to the neighborhoods, to the schools, to the parks … to wherever REAL people live, work, and play. God’s blessings as you reach the masses at Easter 2011!! 😀

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