Meat, Milk and Malnourishment

I read a similar blog by Steven Furtick from Elevation Church and thought I would borrow some of his thoughts on this subject as I believe this is something we all deal with, especially if you are a pastor of church leader.

Meat, Milk and Malnourishment

One of the greatest critiques of the American Church today is that its malnourished. Some would even say its our most pressing problem.

When most people voice this complaint, the focus is on the worship experience. From people who leave these churches, you hear, I wasnt getting fed. Or, I just want some deeper teaching. From people outside these churches you hear, too much milk, not enough meat.

In some cases, I
m sure this is true. But I really dont think thats the real problem. Yes, American Christians are malnourished. But I dont believe it has anything to do with milk or meat.

Most American Christians arent malnourished because of what theyre getting fed on Sunday. Theyre malnourished because they dont feed themselves Monday through Saturday.

So you had filet mignon on Sunday and learned about the mystical union of Christ and the church as it relates to the rapture and the design of the tabernacle in relation to Levitical dietary laws as understood by the Council of Trent. Good for you. Have fun starving yourself the rest of the week and letting your pastor read the Bible so you dont have to.

So you had some milk on Sunday and learned 37 ways to ________. Have fun having 37 new ways to not obey God during the coming week.

The crisis facing the church today isnt what people are getting fed on Sundays. Its what theyre not feeding themselves the rest of the days. Who really cares whether you consume meat or milk on Sunday if its the only meal you have all week?

Im not saying this to get pastors and churches off the hook. It is the shepherds job to feed the sheep (John 21). And feed them well based on their needs and faith development. But its also the sheeps job to eat:
13Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. 14But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.
Hebrews 5:13-14

Heres the point. Churches: we have a responsibility. We should serve up the Word, hot and fresh every single Sunday. As church leaders, it is our job to create and sustain processes and systems that responsibly enable people to grow in their faith after receiving Christ. Tomorrow Ill be sharing our philosophy and approach of how we do that at Oasis.

People in our churches: you also have a responsibility. If you refuse to study the Word, apply it, pray some during the week, join a small group and dig deeper with others, theres not much we can do to help you. Your malnourishment wont be cured by anything we give you on Sunday.

So are you an infant and need milk? Drink it for now, but the only way youre getting more mature and will be ready for meat is by training yourself. Constantly. Do you want meat? From these verses, it seems like meat is doing the milk. On your own. Constantly.

Not getting it served to you once a week.

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