Preparation… A Leadership Memo

One thing I have noticed in today’s culture is the neglect of preparation.

We don’t prepare anymore for the dynamics of life and have developed more of an attitude of “I’ll deal with it if it happens”. Or we have the thoughts that whatever comes our way, we will just deal and not invoke much attention to spear-heading and resolving issues before they occur.

You wouldn’t set out on a road trip without first putting gas in your vehicle. Why? There is a long road ahead and you will run out of gas if you don’t fill it up. Preparation and prevention go hand in hand. You prepare, you can prevent some issues from arising. You don’t brush your teeth, you will get cavities and your teeth will rot out and people will run from you because your breath smells worse than the Pogy plant in Moss Point! (over dramatized on purpose!)

We are all responsible for preparation in our lives on many different levels, but leaders In the church are more so responsible for the service to those coming into our buildings each week. We are responsible to insure a safe and friendly environment to insure people’s comfort level when attending our services or experiences. This doesn’t happen on the fly or by the seat of your pants.

Processes and procedures and details should be very well thought out and planned for. This enables greatest efficiency and excellence in what we do each week to reach people first and foremost that are far from God.

No Football player takes the field to run a play without first going over in his mind the approach he needs to take. They have practiced these plays and each player is responsible to uphold their part. Each player is responsible for executing their end of the play. Each player is responsible for their role to insure the play is a success.

Don’t undermine Sunday mornings. Each team player should have a plan and be prepared spiritually and practically to execute each assignment and area of responsibility so that Jesus gets victory each week and the church grows as people get saved!

Excellence is always rewarded! We owe HIM our best! We owe those we are called to serve our Best because we are representing HIM!

Just a few thoughts to chew on today….

Are you prepared? Do you go over your “game plan” each day and the day before to insure you are where you are supposed to and doing what you are supposed to be doing?

Be challenged to take it to a WHOLE ‘NUTHA LEVEL!”

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