Just some ramblings…

We are entering the 2nd week of “At The Movies” at Oasis Church and WOW! Our goal is to reach 1000 in total attendance during this series and see hundreds of lives amazingly transformed by The Power of The Holy Spirit! Yesterday we recorded the last part of the last movie of the series. WOW! You really dont want to miss the next 3 weeks! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and LOVED ONES! This is our major once a year focus series on reaching the lost! Utilize the opportunity Oasis! If you cant come and attend live, watch Live Online at OasisOnline.tv.

I am super excited about all that God is doing at Oasis! Our staff is taking it to a “whole nutha level” when it comes to creativity and excellence! Very proud of each of them and I am thankful for a church that has a heart for Jesus and for this Gulf Coast Region because with that, we will continue to witness God do AMAZING things in our region!

I am working on a new series that will be for September that we are calling “life support”. A very practical, life-giving” series dealing with life’s many issues and the answer to these issues. Don’t miss it.

We are taking Ethan to a BayBears game tonight with some friends and are excited about that, but my thoughts are also what if… What if we could pack a stadium like that and have a church experience here in our area…??? I believe it is coming…

Well, It is Friday and I have to go to Lowe’s and to do some errands… I hope everyone has a great weekend and I really look forward to seeing you all Sunday!!!!


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