“Feel Good Church…”

I was having a conversation with a member of our church Wednesday night before the Mid-Week Gathering, and he was telling me how the worst criticism he hears about our church is that it is a “feel good” church and nothing more… Of course, he then went on to say how challenged he is and always is with the teachings and etc…

Since then, I have been thinking about that statement. First of all, the people who say that have never attended a service Experience at Oasis and really dont know they are talking about so we discredit their opinion anyway… But…

Shouldn’t church be a place where we feel better about ourselves when we leave, not worse? I mean Shouldn’t our churches be “LIFE-GIVING” not “LIFE-TAKING”? Since when did church become a place you just had to endure?

That statement is one that has been said many times about many different ministries because in my opinion, these people are stuck in a religious routine and have very little joy. Shouldn’t we have the most fun at Church than we do all week? ABSOLUTELY! Why? We have something to celebrate!!! We have Life! We have purpose! We have destiny! We have The Holy Spirit INSIDE of us as followers of Christ! We should COMPEL people to want to attend our services, not REPEL them. Our first mission is to lead people to Jesus. If you create a depressing, legalistic, heavy atmosphere and way of doing ministry, not many people will want to be a part of that… I wouldnt!

At Oasis Church this year alone we have witnessed over 900 people give their lives to Jesus! TRULY AMAZING! Why do I think that is? Because we insure that we create an environment that they are welcomed and they are encouraged to step across that line and receive Christ into their heart. Who wouldn’t feel good about that???

So, back to the point… we teach very practical, life-giving messages and we encourage people to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Why? That is what Jesus Himself did and we follow His lead and example, not man’s opinion. I came to the understanding a long time ago that it was not my job to condemn or even convict anyone… that is the job of The Holy Spirit. My job is to preach the Gospel… wait… the what? THE GOSPEL… which is the GOOD NEWS!

I am thankful to pastor a “feel-good” Life-Giving” Spirit-filled” church where lives are being changed and transformed, people are getting saved and delivered and brokenness is being healed, hope is being restored, and multiplication is occurring because when I read the Book of Acts on how The Church supposed to look… that is what I see and yes, I feel Great and am excited about that and will offer no apologies to anyone for it….

God Bless you! Have a great weekend and know that yes, Jesus is with you, He has a purpose for you, there is a destiny for you to have… Jesus is Here and ANYTHING can Happen!!!

Be Encouraged!

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