Planning Ahead…

I have been asked many times about our preparation and why we try to plan so much and so far ahead most times… I am encouraged when I read blogs by other pastors that I glean from or have relationship with and they operate in a similar type structure.  Here are some reasons why we plan and develop ahead of time….

1. I get stressed out when I don’t know where I’m going.

2. I get stressed out when I’m working from behind instead of working ahead.

3. I work better under less pressure than I do when I’m under the gun.

4. I get more creative and can give more thought and prayer to a series when I know where I am going.

5. It gives my creative and media teams time to develop creative ideas and concepts for the series.

6. It helps me not to preach and teach the same material because I’m thinking through what I’m teaching.

7. It gives our church a healthy and well rounded spiritual diet because I’m thinking through the teaching series in advance.

8. It helps me stay in tune with where I believe God is taking the church.

9. There are times that God leads me in a different direction after planning out my preaching calendar, and I’m always open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

10. I like working ahead!  It’s my flow!  It’s who I am!  I’m a huge planner and  work best that way!

This is me. This is how it works for me. We have specific times of the year that we discuss and cover specific topics or discussions in series such as Relationship, discipleship, outreach, etc… I am thankful for a leadership team that makes it happen!

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