You’ve asked for it… It is about to begin!!

Alot of people, including current leaders at Oasis Church, have asked about more leadership insights and ideas from me. I will be launching some thoughts in this blog as well as follow up with many other blog posts today and over the next couple of days. I must say, I have learned and gleaned from some of the best church leaders in America! I love pastors and church leaders who are leading boldly and enthusiastically to create a culture of church that operates with integrity and professionalism to exemplify Jesus to the best of their ability!! Here are some thoughts:

Some of the posts that are to come will give you direct insight on how we hire staff, equip staff and release staff to do what Jesus has commissioned Oasis Church to do in this region.

At Oasis, we have a very detailed and fully-functional system of staffing. Below is an idea of how we operate and what’s expected of new hires, especially lead team or executive team.

For current employees and staff we operate under this principle:

Pace – we work at an extremely fast pace! We are going to be working at such a fast pace that most people cant and wont be able to hang with the momentum!

Excellence – Everything we do will be done in excellence! No discussion! No deviations! A heart and mind of and for excellence is essential and mandatory.

Accountability- we believe in the utmost of accountability. Staff are accountable to me and Toni and I am accountable to other pastors that are overseers and each team member is accountable to each other! WE ARE A TEAM! Teams hold each other accountable for the advancement of the overall agenda and vision!

Get the Job done! – speaks for it self!! Deadlines will be met and the job will be completed.

When hiring, I look for the following C principles:

Chemistry – I must like the person I am interviewing and enjoy being around them. The chemistry has to be there with me first and then the rest of the team. I do hire friends because when you spend 40-50 hours a week with someone, you should have a friendship and like the people! I hire people who I like to hang out with outside of the church business hours.

Commitment – I look for people who are committed to their call, committed to the vision of Oasis, committed in every area of their life. Integrity is a by product of commitment! Ministry requires commitment.

Competency – ok, yes… It has to be said. I need competent people around me. Competence is not normality or in abundance anymore.. Sad, but true.

Calling – I want people who are called. Not just people who are doing a job. Why? The above 3 principles will be a by product of this one if the heart is right.

Some things I look for in potential staff and leaders:

1. Faithfulness: I look for people who are faithful to attend church, faithful to serve in a ministry, faithful to tithe and give offerings, faithful to attend a Life Group or our mid-week Gathering, faithful to do what’s asked of them and faithful to live for Jesus. Faithfulness is a key quality that a leader must possess.

2. Good attitude and spirit: I look for people who have a positive attitude, who aren’t whiners, who aren’t negative, who get along with people, who are likeable, who are humble and who are teachable. When I’m around somebody, I ask myself, “Do I like this person and desire to be around them?” There are some people that I love, but I would never want to work closely with them because they don’t have a good attitude and spirit. A good attitude and spirit are key to being a good leader.

1. Listen to the people they lead

2. Learn from the people they lead

3. Listen to other leaders in and outside of their field

4. Learn from other leaders in and outside of the field

Listening and learning is key to leading for the long haul.

Questions: When was the last time you listened to and learned from somebody that you are leading? Who was the last leader in and outside of your field that you listened to and learned from? Leaders are learners! Give me some feedback!

One thought on “You’ve asked for it… It is about to begin!!

  1. April Browne Richardson November 14, 2011 / 6:52 pm

    Love this blog, Pastor! So here’s some feedback for you:

    I definitely take very serious the opinions and thoughts of the other ladies on the dance team. Even though I am quote/unquote the leader, we are a team, and therefore, I feel they have just as much a say in our dances, costumes, schedules, etc. as I do. I try my best to be as flexible as possible with practice times or changing a step that is too difficult, and I try to encourage them and give them positive reinforcement at every practice. I just love them all and I look forward to every dance practice because I know it’s going to be so much fun! We have all become pretty good friends, and honestly, that is the biggest blessing I have gotten out of having the opportunity to be the dance team leader!

    And of course, Toni is my biggest inspiration of leadership. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her and have learned so much from her! I am so blessed to be able to be part of the women’s life group on Fridays. I feel like I have made so many wonderful new friends the past few months and I just thank God daily for sending me to Oasis!

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