Is Pride Creeping in?

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some incredible pastors and Christian leaders.  One of the things that I notice about these spiritual leaders is their humility. I am continually blown away by their humility. Today, I’m going to share some signs of when pride may be creeping into the life of a leader.

1. Pride is creeping into a leader’s heart when a leader is chasing after recognition instead of making a difference for Christ and His Kingdom. Oftentimes this can go unnoticed by many people, but the leader knows when he or she is secretly chasing after making a name for themselves instead of making an impact for the glory of God. God never called us to make a name for ourselves. God never called us to make ourselves great or famous. The goal of a Christian leader is to make Jesus great and famous. Be sure not to allow pride to creep into your heart by elevating your name instead of elevating HIS name.

One of the signs that pride may be creeping in is when you are playing the compare game.  When you are constantly comparing your attendance, offerings, staff or building size to other churches, pride could be creeping in. The comparison game is such a dangerous game to play. Oftentimes we walk away from the comparison game feeling worse about ourselves than we should or better about ourselves than we should. We easily get put down or puffed up from the comparison game. God never called us to compete. God has called us to be faithful and fruitful where we are with what we have and not to compete with a church across the country or down the street. When your heart becomes competitive with other churches and church leaders, pride is creeping in.  We ALL have to guard our hearts from developing a competitive spirit. We are all on the same team, and we are not a better follower of Jesus or servant of God because of numbers or popularity. Don’t allow pride to creep in!

Here are some signs of Pride Creeping into your life…

1. When you aren’t learning from other leaders

2. When you spend time with people and all you do is talk about yourself

3. When you won’t listen to and learn from people who lead a smaller organization that you

4. When you don’t listen to and learn from the people you lead

5. When you are defensive every time you are criticized

6. When you don’t have compassion on those who are suffering, hurting or trapped in sin

7. When you preach down at people as though you have arrived

8. When you want everybody to serve you

9. When you don’t serve anyone

10. When you justify why you are not obeying the bible in an area of your life

11. When you believe you could never fall into sin, so you don’t put boundaries in your life

12. When you don’t empower others to lead because you want to do it all yourself

13. When you always take the credit instead of giving the credit to the team

14. When you won’t raise up other speakers in your church and let them teach because you are hoarding the pulpit

15. When you start depending on self to produce the results instead of trusting God

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