Favor with your leader…


1. Understand their vision and heart

2. Exceed expectations

3. Praise them publicly and challenge them privately, not the other way around

4. Put the team’s success before personal success

5. Submit and line-up your vision with your leader’s vision

6. Don’t cause your leader problems by doing stupid things

7. Bring your leader solutions and not just problems

8. Work yourself out of a job by developing others

9. Work hard so your leader never questions your work ethic

10. Have a positive attitude

11. Produce results that are evident

12. Ask your leader if there is anything you can do to move the organization forward

13. When you think your leader is making a bad decision, tell them before they go public, not after they go public

14. Share your great thoughts and ideas on how to move the organization forward

15. When your opinions and thoughts don’t get implemented, don’t get upset but instead support the decision privately and publicly

16. Manage your personal life well

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