Some personal insights about me…

Why I Am Brutally Honest

1. I don’t like fake.  I hate it. I feel that is one of the biggest problems in the church today is fakeness! I feel like a plastic person not sharing what’s on my heart and mind.

2. It keeps my relationships healthy because my rawness causes me to deal with issues quickly. I have learned to balance this over the years.

3. I believe employees need to know where they stand, whether good or bad.  I think it’s unfair for an employee to be blindsided. Everyone benefits!

4. It keeps my heart free from anger, hurt and bitterness.  Because I’m honest with people, I don’t let junk build up in my heart. I talk it through, cry it through and work it out so that I can live free in my heart. This has taken time for me to adopt in ministry. In the business world, it was a different deal as I didn’t have the problem with this as I did earlier in ministry. I have learned that for the benefit of me and all those around me, being honest and dealing with it keeps it from my dinner table at night with my family too!

5. It encourages people.  I’m brutally honest about how awesome people are and how I believe in them. My rawness can be very encouraging too!!

6. On the flip side, my honesty can be discouraging to people. I have learned over the years that timing with my honesty is key. This is a constant work in progress. Believe it or not, my wife Toni has helped me with this more than anyone!

7. Because of my brutal honesty, I am an easy person to read.  You know if I’m happy, sad, mad or glad.

8. Over the years, I have learned that tone, when I share brutally honest facts, is key.  My tone is much better today than it was a few years ago. However, there is still room for improvement!

9. I am brutally honest because I really care about people. I want what’s best for people, and I believe being honest only helps people who want to be helped.

10. I really believe in people, and I am honest so that I can speak to their potential. I believe in developing people, and I have found that the best way to develop people to be all God wants them to be is to be honest about their strengths and weaknesses.

What Makes me Smile!

1. Date night with my wife! Gives us opportunity to reconnect with one another and keep the marriage healthy!

2. Eating dinner around the table as a family!

3. Working with people who deeply love God and me

4. Working with people I like

5. When somebody appreciates me for what I’ve done or my investment into their life

6. Going to work makes me happy.  I truly enjoy and feel called to what I do.

7. Talking to my pastor friends around America always encourages me.

8. New Challenges to accomplish more!!!

What Gets Under My Skin

1. When people say one thing and do another

2. When people take advantage of me

3. When a church leader says they want to meet with me to ask me questions and spend the entire time talking about themselves

4. When people don’t put roots down at one church because they attend four different churches

5. When people are late and don’t notify others that they will be late

6. When people don’t say thank you!!!!!!!

7. When people talk down to others

8. When people are religious and driven by tradition instead of following Jesus!

9. When people think their denomination is the best, so they tear down other denominations

10. When people shun others because they are hurting, broken, trapped in sin, a different race or because they are poor

11. Last but not least… NEGATIVITY! I cannot deal with a negative attitude or a negaholic… This is a big weakness and probably the largest thing that gets und

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