How Leadership is done at Oasis Church…

Everybody who comes to work at Oasis Church realizes quickly that we have our own unique culture.  I will quickly describe some of our culture to you.

1. Raw open and honest communication: We are a very open and honest environment.  We will tell you when you or your area of ministry is doing great and we will tell you when you or you area of ministry is not doing well.  We constantly evaluate and try to improve everything we do.  We believe that everybody and every ministry can get better and we operate with that premise in mind.  You always know where you stand at OC.  Most people have never experienced the brutal honesty that’s a huge part of our culture.

2. Work hard and at a fast pace: We work extremely hard and producing results is required.  Almost everybody we hire talks about the strong work ethic that’s required and the pace in which we move and get things done.  Lazy people and people who are not results orientated don’t do well in our culture.

3. Leadership is required: Our leadership staff must be leaders and not doers to be successful.  Our culture requires our leadership staff to produce results through other people and not through themselves.  We are a culture that develops leaders to lead and work through large groups of people.  Our leadership staff must be able lead leaders to function well in our culture.

4. Volunteer driven: We strongly believe that the leadership teams job is to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry.  We purposely staff lean and require our executive staff and administrative staff to use volunteers to do the work of the ministry.  Most churches have 1 staff member for every 80 to 100 people.  We have 1 Executive staff member for every 200 or so people because we are a volunteer driven culture.

We have just adopted this principle and will launch full scale in January 2012.

Welcome Aboard Robby Myrick, Eric Suire and Pamela Albanese to the Executive team!

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