Some things that stresses me out…

1. When I don’t know where I’m headed with a series or a sermon: I’m a big planner, and I like to know where I’m going with a series or a message months out if possible. If I get a week or two out and don’t know where I’m going with a message, that messes with me mentally BIG TIME!

2. Staff: Staff are my greatest asset and my greatest liability. One of the most difficult and most important jobs of any leader in a growing organization is building the right team. You have to get the right people on the bus and in the right seats, and when I have the wrong people on the bus or the right people in the wrong seats, this can mess with me mentally BIG TIME!

3. Negativity. I do not do well with negativity at all! A negative comment can deflate my atmosphere quicker than sucking the oxygen out of the room! That is why on Sunday mornings before I speak at Oasis Church, I don’t know anything that is wrong because I cant let it get under my skin! We have a great team that helps keep that off of me because they know this. I am very selective who I talk to and visit with before speaking.

Remember, we all have weaknesses… I am just being vulnerable with mine. The Lord is still working on me! 🙂

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