Oasis Church Culture…

Church Culture

Every church and staff has it’s own unique culture and flavor.  Here is a list of some of the Oasis Church culture:

1. We have a Jesus and Bible culture instead of a religious, stuck in tradition or motivated by denominational dogma or preferences.  People don’t last long around Oasis Church who are religious, stuck in tradition or motivated by denominational dogma.  We are all about Jesus, the Bible and loving people.

2. We have a very raw and honest culture.  Most people who come to work at Oasis Church are shocked at how brutally honest we are about everything, whether good or bad.  People always know where they stand at Oasis Church.  Honest and open communication is what we are all about.

3. We have a volunteer culture.  We value equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry.  We equip our church family to do the ministry instead of hiring a bunch of staff.  We like to have a lean staff and a massive amount of volunteers.

4. We have a change culture.  We are always changing things.  It’s a part of who we are.  Change is easy for us.  Our people respond well to change because it’s what they are used to.

5. We have a leadership culture.  We value equipping others to do the ministry instead of doing the ministry ourselves.  Doers don’t excel in our culture.  People who love to equip and make others successful thrive in our culture and continue to rise to new levels of responsibility.

6. We have a strong work ethic culture.  We value people who work extremely hard.  People who want to coast, take it easy and are lazy don’t work well at OC.  People who are extremely driven, have a great work ethic and who produce results thrive in our culture.

7. We have a diverse culture. We value people from every walk of life. We value every skin color and age group.  Diversity is a huge part of who we are. We are very unified and very diversified at the same time.

8. We have a reaching people far from God culture.  Every Sunday and Wednesday (youth ministry) people give their lives to Christ. We have a come just as you are and no matter where you are in life and experience the love of Christ culture.  Every Sunday our church is filled with people far from God, and it can get really messy, but we love it.

9. We have an outreach and loving our community culture.  We spend tons and tons of money investing into the hurting, broken, lonely, poor and lost in our community.  We feed, clothe and help educate our community.  We send our people out to do community projects.  We have a huge heart to show the love of Jesus to our community and around the world in tangible ways.

10. We have a doing life together culture.  We want to connect people to God and to others.  We are passionate about connecting our church family in small groups, and we have tons of people connected in a small group and will be implementing a very aggressive campaign at the beginning of the year to further advance this! We have a culture where the church body ministers to one another, and they are not dependent on the paid pastors to provide all the ministry.  Our church family cares, supports, encourages and holds one another accountable.  

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