The enemy of tomorrow…

I have been contemplating lots of things recently… Especially since going to Jackson and talking to many different pastors about how to win people to Jesus and live in their Divine call from God. One thing I have discovered is that we can dream, we can live, we can plan, we can even be happy, but, we will never move into that new place or the fresh anointing if we are constantly living in yesterday.

The greatest enemy of tomorrow is yesterday.

We rehash the old and rationalize the present in order to explain the future and we just have to leave, even good things, in the past and grab a hold of the present to navigate faithfully into the future!

When you hear someone always referencing the way things were, or how long they have been here or there, or what it was like then, they are more consumed in self elevation of their past instead of magnifying the potential of their future!

Yesterday was great! For many… Yesterday was a great training ground. But today is another opportunity and tomorrow is a greater potential!

You don’t graduate college or high school on a Friday and show back up for class on the following Monday!

Let’s think Big!
Let’s live Big!
Let’s believe Big!
Let’s pray Big!

You cant if yesterday is always on your mind… Just some thoughts and ramblings today from my thought process… Good day…

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