Thoughts on last weekend’s Experiences…

It’s Tuesday. In the midst of all my meetings on Meetings Monday, I have been reflecting on the weekend experiences from Oasis Church on Sunday. It was a very different weekend for us at Oasis. One that wasn’t in the normal groove of our personality. I have been attempting to come up with words to describe to you in this blog what I am talking about, those of you who were on campus this weekend will know exactly what I am talking about.

I have come to understand that I will not always understand everything about God. I have also come the understanding that no one else really ever will either. He is God. I also know there will be some to attempt to analyze in a theological liturgy what I might be referencing here today, but let me make something very clear in this blog post… There are many that read this who have only been saved for a short time and have no idea about any theology… they just know Jesus and want to know Him more! There will also be some who may not be in Personal Relationship with Christ who is just reading this for whatever reason… that’s cool. My heart is to keep things as simple as I can, because The Gospel really is simple. So let me begin…

9:00 Sunday morning. Pre-Experience time we have some technical issues that 3 minutes prior to the beginning of the service experience there had to be some readjustments and changes in the flow of the service. The team stepped up and made it happen! Worship in the 9:00 this week was “off the chain!” There was an enthusiasm and expectancy that I dont think I have ever witnessed in a 9:00 Experience at Oasis Church. All went well. 1 Person got baptized and 3 gave their lives to Jesus!

11:00 Sunday Morning Experience. Technical still had difficulties, but we were in the groove from the previous experience and the only noticeable problem was 2 of our 3 giant screens were down in the main auditorium. Worship, again, was intense and very moving as The Spirit of The Lord moved on the service. All is good, message was brought, at least 7 people gave their lives to Jesus, we all participated in the communion in response to the message that was brought and I am attempting to close the experience out in prayer and then…

Watching the video dont do the justice of the atmosphere that was in the room. Knowing directly how I felt on that stage, I was anxious for the video to be produced by our media team to watch and see how I looked… (somewhat scared!). In my gut, on the inside, in my spirit, whatever you want to say, I had a feeling and a thought of someone committing suicide. It grieved me. Grieved me to the point I thought I was just having crazy thoughts on the platform (it is amazing what goes through your mind as you preach!). I paused, trying to get the feel of that and I just couldn’t let it go. On the inside, I am praying, “God, what is this? Am I supposed to do something here?” Then It just happened… I said what I was feeling and asked who it was? A young man raised his hand and I then asked him to move forward so we can pray for him. I spoke to him directly an encouraging word and asked our prayer force to minister with him. On a Sunday morning, this doesn’t happen at Oasis Church. This is the only time in the history of our church that I recall ever doing that and calling someone out to come forward. I then dismissed in prayer for those who wanted to leave. The presence of God was weighted! You could feel Him! Next however, is the rest of the story….

After follow up, I discovered that this young man was not a regular at Oasis and he was suffering from depression from many different things that was going on in his life and he had prayed and somewhat sarcastically asked God to reveal Himself to him if He was real! He reluctantly came to church with a friend that day as some sort of “last resort” as his mind was made that there was no hope or future and the best thing he could do would be remove himself from this world… WOW! I didn’t know the guy, and don’t remember ever seeing him before. So what happened?

Here is what I believe happened. God showed up and answered this boy’s request and He revealed Himself to him because there is no lie, no darkness, no deception too large for The Lord to handle! He used me in the closing moments of a service to speak directly to this young man in a room of hundreds of people because God is interested in each and every one of us right where we are and even in the midst of our every struggle!

Let me encourage you today, don’t try to understand everything and every way about God. Just pursue Him. Live for Him and watch Him rescue you and promote you to victory in a way only He can! He is moving and He desires by His Holy Spirit to minister to us and lead us to be over-comers in every area of Life! Jesus is still the answer! Live for Him today!

I also want to thank the staff and all the dream team members who attended “invigorate” this past Sunday night! WoW! You all make it possible! The Lord is blessing you and the serving you do at Oasis! Thank you!

You can watch the service experience and the ending by clicking this link: or by visiting the Oasis Main Web page at

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on last weekend’s Experiences…

  1. Robby Myrick February 28, 2012 / 3:37 pm

    ONE of our best weekends EVER with Oasis Church. I cry, ” … MORE, LORD!!”

  2. Gail Thimas February 28, 2012 / 4:56 pm

    Great Blog on Sunday’s Experience!! When we arrived for the 11:00 Experience I saw the same young man you spoke of in the parking lot with his friend. They were parked one car over from us. As he got out and started walking toward the church he turned around and walked back to the car and caught my eye. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit but wasn’t sure why. Now I know that the Holy Soirit not only led h to come to Oasis that morning but was actually escorting him to make sure he got there!! God certainly had a plan and you were part of it in your obedience to Him!! Amazing!!

  3. Jennifer Vieira February 28, 2012 / 6:38 pm

    It was truly an amazing service! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit! We are thankful for you and Pastor Toni!

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