Monday Recap and Savour Sisterhood Information…

Savour Sisterhood  (Click here for Savour Information)

#HonorLution began yesterday at Oasis Church as we are seeking out what God’s Word says about living a life of Honor. Next weekend we will conclude this short 2 part series in discussing the practical side of honor in everyday life. We witnessed at least 10 people give their lives to Jesus Sunday morning! THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!

We recognized all our graduates and prayed over them as they begin their new journey in life.

Our Creative team also did a set change and stage revamp. See pic…


Next weekend #honorlution concludes and the following week we will discuss “Dangerous Church”!

Lunch in Higher Grounds was AMAZING and will be as Chef Travis continues all month preparing the lunch plates for after the Experiences!

Registration has begun for the Next “Savour” Women’s Gathering… All Ladies need to make plans NOW to attend this once a quarter gathering of the women at Oasis Church! See this page for more information:

One thought on “Monday Recap and Savour Sisterhood Information…

  1. tonicamp May 21, 2012 / 4:59 pm

    Thanks for the Savour shoutout!! 🙂

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