Catching up…

For Pastors and Church planters, Father’s Day is usually a difficult day because statistics show that Sunday as being one of the least attended Sundays of the year. That was the case for Oasis for Father’s Day 2012 as we were down in actual attendance in the hundreds. For whatever reason, men do other things as priority on Father’s Day instead of going to church.

We had 2 great experiences at Oasis and you can watch the message here if you would like:

I realized this morning that I have not posted a blog in sometime and I want to make a better habit of doing so in order to stay current on conversations about Oasis Church, our family, and etc. for all our friends, family and church family.

I am excited about starting the new series this weekend “Soul Detox”. Craig Groeschel wrote a book with that title recently and after reading the book, I felt it would be a great early summer series for Oasis Church in dealing with Emotional and issues of the soul. I hope you can join us for the start of this series next Sunday at 9 and 11am.

This week will be a somewhat challenging week for me personally. I have some pretty substantial decisions to make in order to better position myself and Oasis for the future of what I believe The Lord is calling us to along the Gulf Coast. Pray for me and the leadership of Oasis this week! Transitions abound in almost every area of life for most people right now and I am under the understanding that is part of God’s plan for us all in these days in which we currently live. We just have to stay the course and remain faithful every step of the way… He wont take you to your NEXT if you aren’t faithful with your NOW.

Now that Father’s day is behind and summer is in full-swing, we are planning the July and August teaching/preaching series that might include for August “At the Movies 2012”. We haven’t 100% decided on that series for this year, which is usually the largest attended series we do all year with well over 1000 attending each weekend. We do that series in August usually as our back to school the series. The reason we haven’t made it concrete has more to do with production and staffing than anything else. Would you be excited about “At The Movies 2012” and invite hundreds to attend if we did it???

I encourage all ladies to register today for the Next “Savour Sisterhood” Gathering by clicking here: .

Ok… enough rambling for Monday morning… I have 3 staff and leadership meetings today and some church planters to help coach!!! Let’s do this!!! Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings today….

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