Monday Morning Recap

What a day at Oasis Church yesterday!!! WOW! What an amazing way to start the “At the Movies” series for this year. 29 people gave their lives to Christ, 3 where water baptized, and the crowds were GREAT for both Experiences having a packed house at both Experience times!!

This series, as it is each year, is one of the biggest events we do all year. There are 3 more weeks to the series and I am highly encouraging you to invite your friends and loved ones each week!!

Speaking of inviting, YOU are the reason we witnessed such life-change and almost 30 decisions for Jesus yesterday! Because you invited and got people here, The Holy Spirit moved and lives were changed forever! That is the way it supposed to be done! Thank you Oasis family for “owning” this great movement of what God is doing here on the Coast.

Over the past 3 weeks, we have witnessed around 50 people give their heart to Jesus. Now encourage them to take the next step and go public with water baptism. The 1st Sunday of every month and the 1st Wednesday of every month is when we schedule those, however, if enough people are ready to take that step, we will make it happen at any Sunday Experience this month! Just call Megan in the Admin office or email her at and let her know! The Phone number is 228-762-5639.

GROWTH TRACK // Discover Oasis… the next class is Sunday night of this week and next. 6:00 in Higher Grounds. REGISTER NOW! You can register online at the website. If you want to know more about Oasis, become a member, and/or discover your purpose and destiny in this life, you need to attend these meetings!

More news and information will be posted from our staff on the Oasis Facebook page. Please “like” the page if you havent already…

If you missed any previous Oasis Experiences, you can watch Oasis OnDemand by clicking this link:   Oasis OnDemand

Have a great week!!!

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