The past month has been one of the most hectic in our family and church family. To name just a few things, Toni has had to have an unexpected medical procedure. Hurricane Isaac flooded the children’s Dept at Oasis, our bedroom at our house flooded during the storm, one of our A/C units at my house has quit working, I have had 2 staff members leave the church, part of our parking lot was damaged by the storm and has caused some inconvenience in our parking situation, on top of medical bills, we have had some unexpected expenses totaling around $1500 to come up, and I could go on and on… BUT…

I’m not.

Reasoning… Why should I? Because in the middle of all this, I have also felt like I am hearing more clarity on the vision for my family and for Oasis Church like never before! It is almost like I can sense a strong stirring of something’s about to happen that is going to change the landscape of our city and region for Jesus like never before!!! I say that because over the course of the last month and during all these trials and situations, here is what has happened:

* At least 75 people have given their lives to Christ just in the last month while all this has been  happening…

* We will be getting a new floor in our children’s dept and in my house! That insurance is going to pay for!

* Toni is doing better than ever!

* Financial blessings are also coming in for us personally and the church to not only cover all these extra expenses, but over and above these bills!

* Oasis Church is growing like never before as just in the past month we have welcomed over 100 first-time guests, or as we call them VIPs.

Still working on the A/C situation… (good thing is we have 2 units!)

The vacancies left with the staff… MAN! We have a great team of leaders at Oasis who have stepped up and has not only covered the voids, but have gone over and above! With that being said I just must declare how blessed I am!

Just an idea… Could it be that our problems and situations get magnified because our faith gets minimized? Could it be that our perspective needs a little tweaking to realize that even though things appear to be falling part, it is just opportunity for God’s love and supply to be in more abundance if we will lean on him?

Ok… I’m done! I just believe in all that we struggle through and with, there are lessons learned and faith that is built if we turn our perspective around and see the larger picture and potential…

Just an Idea…