Update from this week…

I cant begin to say enough about what a week this has been at Oasis Church!

Our administrative team is now operating out of the administrative offices building, the construction on this facility is almost complete! The many volunteers who came and helped are absolutely AMAZING! Such a BIG Thank you to each of you who helped out in working and moving over the past couple of months!

The next phase of our renovations and expansion will begin in a couple of weeks with the relocation of Higher Grounds to the main lobby area (formally where the administrative offices were). This project should take a month or so. Yes, we are going to rename the coffee shop. Stay tuned for that…

Once that Higher Grounds is relocated and operating, the next phase will begin which will be the conversion to the current Higher Grounds to a kids auditorium space. That will take a week or so.

After that, the lobby expansion to the south side of the main building to add about 1500 square feet onto the lobby area and connect the main facility to the administrative offices building. AND THEN, the new parking lot! New paving, striping, and layout to add more parking spaces and also help with the congestion on Sunday mornings!

THIS IS EXCITING!!!BUT… this past week the most exciting thing happened on WEDNESDAY NIGHT. In Forward Student Ministries, I got word that at least 12 teenagers surrendered their lives to Jesus! Added to that, in the conclusion of the “Awakening” Series for the Adults on Wednesday night, there was at least 1 person who gave their life to Jesus!!!!


This weekend the message will be “Tree of Life” and YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

NEXT WEEKEND, we begin our new series titled “Revealed!”.

So… there ya go! You are updated on all happenings and upcoming happenings around Oasis!

THANK YOU to all who are a part of the Oasis Family and for helping make Oasis the most awesome place to be on the Gulf Coast!!!


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