Leadership Intensive

leadership intensive 2Leadership Intensive

This past Sunday Night I hosted a Leadership Intensive for all Oasis Church Leaders and Dream-Team personnel. The turnout was amazing! Over 100 people who serve in This house and who are sons and daughters of This House! These will be The People that The Lord will use to BUILD THIS HOUSE to the destiny of which it is called!

I was extremely blessed by the turnout and the receptivity as I shared heart and vision to our leaders about not being servants of This House, but being Sons and Daughters! The House will be built on Sons and Daughters! This video will go online soon for about a week for those who would like to watch that were unable to attend due to work or other situations that wouldn’t allow your attendance.

The Standard was set, the Mission is Clear, The Time is NOW! Thank you to each of you who make Oasis what it is!

Let’s Change the World!

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