Thoughts from weekend…

WHAT A WEEKEND! Last week we witnessed 30 people give their heart to Jesus and just Yesterday alone, we witnessed 12! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! That excites me!! It is truly amazing how The Lord is leading people into places of worship that is preaching the Life Changing Message of Jesus Christ! The CHURCH MUST BE A LIFE-GIVING PLACE! Jesus said He came to give LIFE and to give it MORE ABUNDANTLY!

Personally, I am more pumped than ever before about what He is doing at Oasis and in The Kingdom as a whole! My staff and team members at Oasis… YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I appreciate you sooooooo much! Your desire to love Him and Love others blesses me! Thank you to all of you guys for your sacrifice and dedication!

I have been accused in the past of having the desire to just build a Mega-Church. Well, it’s true… My desire is to not focus however on HOW MANY, but about EVERYBODY! If The Lord blesses Oasis to become larger, that means we are reaching people for Him.  I love the skeptics and the critics who lash out because people are getting saved, lives are being changed and the worst thing they can say about you is that you just have the desire to reach more people!! WOW! It’s True… I love reaching people for Jesus! I admit… I confess my desire to you! I am being mean now… I have learned to not respond to the negative and attempt to not get sucked into the positive feedback. I have bought into the revelation that if I will live my life with the desire and intent to Please THE ONE who Saved me as much as I used to focus on pleasing people, then I can truly make a difference for Him! Be Careful though,  That will mess you up! It will change you.

We are gearing up for Easter and I hope and pray that more people will get saved this year than ever before. I pray that Jesus will be exalted, Jesus will be made Famous and The Church will be THE CHURCH! Things happen when that happens. Let’s focus on the good and the positive of each other. Let’s focus on the things that are right in life and less on the small things that are wrong. You can change as The Lord changes you each and every day if that be your desire.

I am extremely humbled at what The Lord is doing at Oasis Church. I really am. I stand before Him each week and before several hundred people just thanking Him for the opportunity to speak into people’s lives with the life-changing message of hope, healing and LIFE that comes from relationship with Jesus! Greater days are ahead and I am expecting and excited about what He is going to do next! Have a great week everyone!

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