Thoughts from the weekend…

One Word… WOW!!!! What a GREAT day yesterday @Oasis Church! Sunday morning the house was packed and at least 14 people gave their heart to Jesus! The interesting thing was, I was speaking on ADULTERY! We began the “5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life” Series yesterday morning. Last night, about 200 people showed up for Encounter and there were at least 8 more people who surrendered their heart to Christ!!! THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, 22 people were saved. Year to date we have witnessed 120 people give their heart to Jesus!!! That just excites me! Last night I talked about the Priesthood of the believer and challenged the church to begin walking in that Anointing that The Lord places on each of our lives. The Challenge was to become a priest of our homes, workplaces, CHURCH, city, nation!!!

Just in reflecting on all that has been going on at Oasis, it was so refreshing yesterday to actually experience The Presence of The Lord in the way that we did yesterday. I am amazed more and more of HIS faithfulness and MERCY!

Saturday, I attended the funeral of Donald “fruity” Abrams at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Moss Point. I was so blessed by the people there as they celebrated a life and the homegoing of a faithful man of God. He will be surely missed as he always lit up the room whenever he walked in. Don inspired me more and more the last several years. One of the first times he started coming to Oasis, I preached a message titled “4 more yards” about Herschel Walker and his NFL record yards rushing and how his average was only 4 yards per carry… He accomplished a feat 4 yards at a time… Everytime I saw Don and asked how he was doing, his response was always “4 yards at a time!” One of the most optimistic and positive people I have ever known.

This week I will be traveling to Word Alive in Oxford to take a couple of my staff members to meet some of the lead staff there and gleen from them a few hours. Going to be a busy week!

To my team at Oasis Church… YOU GUYS ROCK! You made it all happen Yesterday and The Holy Spirit anointed all your efforts and excellence! I am blessed to serve with you guys! Love you lots! Oasis Church peeps… You guys are the best bunch of people that anyone could ever ask to Pastor! Toni and I love you all dearly and are extremely excited about the future of Oasis and the impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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