First of all, Jody Pittman preached a message last night at Refresh titled “Who are They?” Great insight and challenge to those in attendance. At the conclusion of the talk when I went up to close things out, The Lord spoke to me these words, “Lost Sheep”. Immediately I knew what The Holy Spirit was prompting as apparently there were people that didnt know Jesus in the Experience. 5 Adults gave their heart to Christ Last night in the Adult “Refresh” and I heard from Will Seymour, our student pastor, that 12 teenagers surrendered their lives to Jesus!!! WOW!!! This was on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT! It never gets old seeing people come to Christ! That is what it is all about!!!!

I have been reflecting a little bit on the word HONOR. The Bible calls us to HONOR our Father and our Mother. Calls us to HONOR those in Authority, which also means civil authority by the way. We are to HONOR each other. How do we honor? Does that mean we have to surrender and agree with everything? Absolutely not. A child may not agree with their assignments or punishment from parents, but they are to still honor or I would like to add, RESPECT their parents. This is apparently pretty important to God as the only Commandment with a promise was HONOR your father and mother and you will live a long time on the earth! So, there is a reward for Honor.

When you look at the landscape of society today, Honor is slowly eroding away. It is sad because the church is no exception to that. A couple of years ago, we did a DVD series by John Bevere called “Honor’s Reward”. We may revisit that as I believe The Lord wants us to live a life of Honoring each other and He will honor us with favor and blessing and empowerment when we are obedient to do so.

I will make some bold statements now. Parents, your children dont Honor you, they must be corrected and taught to honor and respect. If you dont do it, it wont happen and this cycle or negative trend will continue. Employers, if your employees dont honor you or each other, you better be careful because division will be sown very quickly and you will have a larger problem than you are going to want to deal with. CHURCH LEADERS, You must be an EXAMPLE and SET THE STANDARD! The church SHOULD look different than Corporate America or the job site. Why? Integrity and Values should be much higher than in the average work place. Why? The church should be leading the way for establishing Biblical Standards of living in the Earth.

Anyway, there is more I could chat about on this subject, but maybe you get the point. I am also thinking that we should not just honor those above us or in authority, but our peers as well. The reason I say that is this… If you really love… Honor will be a symptom of that love. Have a great day folks! Thanks for reading…