Weekend Reflections…

This Past Sunday at Oasis we witnessed at least 8 people give their heart to Jesus! That NEVER GETS OLD!!! People surrendering their lives to Jesus is really what it is all about!

The video of this weekend’s message is online at http://www.OasisOnline.tv if you would like to watch it. I spoke on Addictions and the power of being Mastered. It was an illustrated sermon done in conjunction with the Expressions Creative Arts Team.

We are gearing up for Easter and Palm Sunday at Oasis. Expecting a huge crowd this year for Easter and I can tell you right now… the Experience… is going to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before for Easter! I promise! I am excited about all the Team is putting together for that Sunday. You definitely want to make sure you bring someone! Our Auditorium will hold 500 people and we can have up to 100 – 150 in overflow. Our plans are to possibly have a short-run of the service at 8:00 for some of the regulars and staff and then the full experience at 10:30. Our expectations are high for the turnout this year and we are contemplating multiple Service Experiences to better accommodate the very rapidly growing crowds…

Anyone that would like to help with the production team, media team, creative arts, or event staff, please let the office know and they will get you connected to the right staff member. Call the Admin office at 228-762-5639 or email at office@oasisonline.tv.

This upcoming week we conclude the 5 Easy steps series. This has been one of the most challenging series that I have taught and many believe it has been one of the most life-changing series as well. Dont miss the conclusion this upcoming Sunday morning!

Also, Oasis is hosting a Family Connect Day this upcoming Sunday at Pine Park behind the campus of Oasis Church on Pine Street from 5-7. This will be a time of food, fellowship, fun and more fun!!! Plan on attending now!!!

Have a blessed week… stay tuned… more to come!

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