Easter Weekend Reflections

WOW! What a weekend at Oasis! Over 700 people attended the Easter production this year with at least 52 people surrendering their lives to Christ! That is what it is all about!!! Pictures will be coming soon and the Easter Video will be online sometime later today at http://www.OasisOnline.tv. Click on the Media link and then WATCH SERVICES.

The Building was completely packed and parking space ran out again!  All for JESUS!

I want to give a HUGE Shout Out to the best STAFF and TEAM of VOLUNTEERS on the FACE OF THE PLANET… You guys are AMAZING! First of all, my staff… Jon Dotson, media and technical director. He produced the entire production and did an AMAZING JOB! Caleb Turner, Worship Leader, not only led the Music, but found himself being painted, TWICE, to illustrate “New Creation!” Will Seymour, student pastor, Jody Pittman, Associate Pastor, and all the worship team, Creative Arts Team Members, greet staff, Parking lot personnel, Outreach team led by Outreach Pastor Jason Warren, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Saturday, Outreach Pastor Jason Warren and a team of 20-30 volunteers had the Easter Bunny and food at Oasis! Hundreds of people came out to have their pictures made and to have a great time! So many lives were touched by all of you guys ministering this weekend…  Thank you just doesnt seem like enough… We love you guys…

I know alot of people post numbers and numbers are good… but let me say this… Everyone matters! It is about EVERYONE not necessarily about How many! The Kingdom of God expanded by the Millions this weekend and the enemy, once again, has been defeated and suffered a major blow to his agenda! The Church as a whole is growing because Jesus is STILL KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!

Oasis is making some drastic plans for next year’s Easter Experience for the city of Pascagoula and surrounding Region. The Big Announcement that we made this weekend is in the works, however, a little different flavor than planned already! It will be very Exciting!!!!

Remember though, We will be celebrating the RESURRECTION Next Sunday too!!! We Celebrate the Resurrection EVERY Sunday!!!! To copy a quote from a friend of mine, Perry Noble:

“My prayer as of late for our church is that we will experience an AWAKENING!  Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that we could have nice church services…but so that mankind could be reconciled to God.  I am literally praying that God will move in all churches in such an undeniable way that ALL of us are stirred up to live out John 13:34-35 every single day of our lives…NOT just on Sunday!”

Be Blessed! Pictures and Video coming soon! Stay tuned!

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