Saturday Night Easter Experience At Oasis Church

Last night we witnessed at least 4 people surrender their lives to Christ as around 175 people from various other churches gathered for and Easter Celebration at Oasis. This was the first time we ever held a Saturday night Service Experience and all seemed to go extremely well. No, We will not be doing Saturday nights from this point on. Yet.

What encouraged me, other than the 4 salvations,  was the number of other people gathered here from various other denominations and Houses of Worship. The range was from Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God, and everything in between! That is a snap shot of Heaven Folks! Coming Together in Unity to Worship HIM! Thank you to all of you from other ministries in the area for attending this Worship Experience. You blessed me by being present!

Today is Resurrection Sunday! There will be some differences today from last night’s Experience, but I feel today will be one amazing time of worship and celebration as we gather to bring praise to Jesus who CONQUERED the Grave!

We are expecting several hundred people this morning and seating capacity is 500. Come early, get a good seat. Higher Grounds will be open at 9:00 to serve you coffee!

To all my friends at other churches this morning… BLESSINGS! I hope and Pray that The Holy Spirit visit each of your churches and make an impact that sticks from this day forward!


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