Thoughts from the weekend…

WOW!!! What a Sunday at Oasis Church! We witnessed 6 adults and 9 children surrender their hearts to Christ!!! The building was full and people were hungry! To the staff and volunteers of Oasis… YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! Nothing would be the way it is if you guys didnt serve and give your best to what The Lord is doing at this church!!!

I talked about Loyalty yesterday in the “Forgotten Virtues” series and I am telling you, The Lord is stretching us to live our lives as people of integrity, honor, loyalty, and full of gratitude! This week I will be speaking on INTEGRITY and the following week we will deal with Gratitude and conclude the series with at talk on Manners! That will be fun!!!

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday as we celebrated THE BIRTH of THE CHURCH on the day of PENTECOST as the power of God fell and EMPOWERED HIS Church to HIS HIS MISSION! It was a great Sunday! If you missed it you can catch it online at and click the Media link. The Experience should be online by Monday Afternoon…

Today, I started my day in Higher Grounds with a coffee and breakfast… You ought to try it out! Many people are now coming as they have heard about it and are talking about Higher Grounds being open. They are serving lunch as well and will serve Breakfast and Lunch on Sundays as well!!!

We are still debating the multiple service times for Sundays at this point… we are watching and will make a decision in the coming weeks… We wanted to try to wait until Fall, but may not be able to with the overcrowding in parking and Children’s Ministries… stay tuned!

We will have another Van running this week for transportation as we are purchasing one tomorrow to help with the transportation department… They are transporting around 50 people per service Experience! So now we will have 3 vans rolling on Service Experience dates! AWESOME!!!

Hope everyone has a great week… thanks for taking the time to read this blog… stay tuned! My wife will be speaking at REFRESH this week… you dont want to miss it!!!!! Happy Monday!!!

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