Thoughts from the weekend and days past…

WOW! I start alot of blogs that way because each and every weekend The Lord is just blowing my mind!!! At least 12 people giving their lives to Christ this past weekend as we concluded the “Forgotten Virtues” series. You can watch the series online at

Alot of transition and alot of changes happening around Oasis. We are beginning a new series this week titled “Manners – The Details” and in July we are going to do a series titled “Margin”. The manners series is highlighting the RUDENESS of our MOOD as a society. This will flow directly from the series we just concluded and then in July we are planning on a series that will help us with our priorities of life and making room for the important things and what those important things is and should be… Very Practical teachings and season we are in right now as a church…

I am amazed at the continued growth of Oasis. There are over 500 people who call Oasis their home church and our weekly attendances have averaged between 300 – 400 with around 100 of those being children. Our Executive Officers met and we all are planning and discussing the direction of our church as far as facilities go. We are believing The Lord to open a door in the city for a particular commercial building and give us the opportunity to relocate. If that dont happen, we will begin process of expansion hopefully within the next year or so at the latest. PRAY CHURCH!

This upcoming Sunday night at 5:30 I will be conducting a leadership development seminar that will most likely turn into a multiple night teaching and equipping to train leaders and equip people to answer the call of God in their lives. Please register if you are planning on attending by calling the Admin office at 228-762-5639.

The Oil Spill… yea… alot of talk about this. My take is that we keep praying and keep believing for The Lord to bless this region as nothing is too big for Him!

I hope and pray you all have a great week and my wife Toni will be speaking this Wednesday night in Refresh! Dont miss it!!!

One thought on “Thoughts from the weekend and days past…

  1. Robby Myrick June 9, 2010 / 4:32 am

    Looking forward to the Sunday night leadership service. I’m very excited about what God is doing in our city. Thanks, Oasis Church, for the part you are playing in the spiritual renewal.

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