OMG! What a month!

This past week and month has been such a fast-paced full throttle speed ahead! At Oasis, we finished the “At the Movies” series averaging the largest crowds we have seen on a regular Sunday than anytime in the short history of our church with numbers around 500! The number of people giving their heart to Jesus has blown me away!!! Just this past Sunday, we witnessed 65 people getting saved! Intense Ministries is here doing School assemblies and meetings each night with the finale being tonight at 6:30. Really expecting hundreds of people in overflow tonight!

It is September 1, new day, new season, new series! We start “baggage” this weekend at Oasis in the first Sunday of our Multiple Service Experience format. We will have 9:00am and 11:00am Identical services starting September 5th. This is exciting because our parking lot and children’s ministries have been overcrowded at the one morning experience, so we are praying that this will help accommodate even more people as take the pressure off the one service time.

I have been in the schools here in Pascagoula this week with Intense and we just left Pascagoula High from an assembly and let me tell you, we are blessed in Pascagoula to have such a high excellence driven High School led by principal Cindy Jackson! The doors are opening wide for our church in the schools as we are praying in the hallways every Monday at PHS and Tuesdays starting next week at Gautier High.

All this being said, the new season of influence and harvest is amongst us. This is the greatest time to be the church! This year along at Oasis we have witnessed 500 people or more come to Christ and I am hearing reports of God moving in many many areas! Stand firm, be bold, be active in what The Lord is doing in His Church in these days! Very Exciting Times!

Have a great week!

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