Catching up…

I havent blogged in the past couple of weeks and felt the need to do so this morning as my wife is preparing for “Savour” the once a quarter Women’s Gathering at Oasis where ladies can connect, build relationships, and live out their destiny and purpose that God has called them to in their world. This is an amazing time for women to get together and connect on a smaller scale than the regular Activities that the church puts on. If you are a woman and you are looking to get connected or to build relationships or just want to come together and worship Jesus with other women, YOU NEED TO BE AT OASIS TONIGHT at 6:00! 🙂

Well, the last 2 weeks have been interesting in my life and in the church Intense finished up the crusade a couple of weeks ago and we witness at least 200 people total surrender their lives to Christ!!!!

The Baggage series has begun and the multiple AM service experiences have begun and is proven so far to be a huge success. We have seen around 150 in the 9:00 and about 300-400 in the 11:00 which has helped to ease the congestion in the Children’s Dept and parking. I am so excited about what The Lord is doing at Oasis!

This Women’s gathering has really inspired me to consider doing some men’s meetings that will geared totally to men. Stay tuned.

As our church grows larger, it is imperative that we grow smaller at the same time. To do this, we host these type of events so people can connect and build relationships. We will also be launching Life Groups in the coming weeks as well to enable people opportunities to connect in small group settings. I hope and pray that if you are a part of the Oasis family, you will highly consider participating in these events. We dont do alot, we just try to do what we do well! People are busy and we try not to have so much going on that people are obligated to be at every event, however, we encourage you to participate in what interests you and where you can grow as well. There are no excuses for not connecting and building relationships and getting connected in ministry at Oasis, we purposely do these things to accomplish that task, but it still requires you to come and be a part!!!

Our Youth ministry has been blowing my mind with at least 130 teens meeting on Wednesday nights in Higher Grounds cafe to worship The Lord and learn His Word. To say that the Spirit of God is moving is an understatement, HE IS working on all of us and through us all these days to accomplish HIS PURPOSE and plan in building HIS Kingdom on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We have been asked by the City of Pascagoula to perform with our creative arts team at the Trunk or Treat on October 29th and also to host the annual lighting of the Christmas Tree at Beach Park this year! Combined with being asked to go into our schools and pray before school begins in the mornings, I am amazed at the doors of opportunity that He is giving our church in our city and region!

Encounter night is Sunday night, September 26 at 6:01 and we will be doing water baptisms and experiencing God’s presence together in praise and worship and a message for the church! Make plans now!

With all that being said, I know this is long, I just wanted to lay out there all that was happening and going on so everyone would know… It is difficult on Sundays to relate all the happenings and events that is going on at Oasis!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and week and I look forward to Sunday as we continue in this series on “Baggage”. You really dont want to miss this week!!! Choose your service experience, 9 or 11 am!

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