Weekly Update…

Hello Everyone!!!

What a great weekend we had at Oasis Church this past weekend. At least 27 people surrendered their lives to Jesus!!! We had 3 Worship Experiences this past weekend with the 9 and 11 AM and ENCOUNTER night which was GREAT!!!! The video can be seen on the OasisOnline.tv Media page if you would like to watch.

Change is sure in the air! Change is a good thing. The only constant in our churches should be change. We should change for the sake of making greater impact and more difference in our city and region that The Lord has called us to. I have learned that for here in Pascagoula and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

For some time we kept praying, serving, preaching, teaching and didnt see or experience a whole lot of change or difference. Then, all of a sudden, in 1 year we go from an average attendance to 100+ to over 500+ on Sunday mornings, we are in the Schools praying before the school day begins in Pascagoula, Gautier and Moss Point High Schools, we have witnessed over 800 people saved in that same time frame and we have added 3 full-time staff members, opened a full-service coffee shop that is open during the week and are evaluating a possible relocation! WOW! Talk about fast! Talk about.. WOW!

I have heard so many people say this, especially some of my ARC (association of related churches) mentors, when you grow larger, YOU MUST CONTINUE to grow SMALLER as well. That takes an understanding from everyone involved. I know things are a little different today than they were a couple of years ago, things are done a little different, but that is good because it is not all about one person or one group of people anyway, it is about EVERYONE finding their purpose and destiny in The Body of Christ and it takes all of us enlisted as the army of God to see that come to fruition with people. That is why Relationships are so important. More so than classroom time. Yes, I said it… we need more connection and less classroom instruction. Why? People leave a classroom or meeting and have a false sense of accomplishment when true Biblical accomplishment and success doesnt come until you allow your life to influence other lives for Jesus!

At Oasis we have small groups, “Savour” women’s meetings once a quarter, “MUG” (Man-Up Gathering) for men, Growth Track each Sunday night, “SoLo Singles Ministries that will be starting soon,  and many many other areas and opportunities for you to connect… so Get Connected!

I say all that to say that The Lord is moving in our churches today because He is taking His bride to the place of destiny and purpose that She exists for. The Reach people with The Life-Changing message of Christ! If you stay faithful, you stay true, He will open the flood gates and give you greater influence and greater anointing and greater blessing! Dont give up! Whoever you are… DONT GIVE UP! Greater days are coming and the resistance and dryness you may be feeling, that is because there is a flood gate about to open for you if you dont give up faith and hope! There is always a battle before a breakthrough!

In closing, I am so pumped for the rest of this year and even for the new year that is not too far away… I Believe The Church will become an even greater force of influence if it stays humble and faithful!

Let’s pull together as “The Church” to make a greater impact in our city and region!!!

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