So What? A brief nugget of my thoughts today about the election…

I preached a message Sunday morning at Oasis Church where I encouraged people to ask 2 questions when life gets hard. The first one was “Now What?” So things didn’t go the way may have wanted them to in the election, Now What? Now what can you learn from things not going your way? Maybe the election did go the way you wanted it to, now what? What does it really matter when it is all said and done?

The second question is “So What?” So what Obama won? So what Romney didn’t? So what does it REALLY matter? In our minds we think we all know what is best in every situation and when it doesn’t go that way, it is the end of the world! Truth of the matter is, regardless of who wins the White House, God is still God! If we would PRAY as much as we PROTEST we would live a more abundant life because we would realize that even if things don’t go the way we think they should, God is still in Control and our faith and dependance shouldn’t come from a political candidate or party!

I see the church looking more like politics every single day because we divide ourselves based on our party or candidate preference and we get an ego and prideful about it and people are turned off and run from us instead of seeing the Light of Jesus in us and want to run To us. It grieves me that we are so vocal about a political party or candidate and we put all of our hope in a man as President instead of our Jesus as King!

We worry and lose sleep and defend our thoughts about things to the point of anger and wrath because people don’t agree with what we think or how things ought to be done in our mind and I have to ask… How is that working out for you? So what? We walk by FAITH not by SIGHT!

I will be praying for President Obama and hoping he is successful in his next 4 years. Why? Because he is our president and I love this country. However, my days of political discussion and hashing out policy thoughts and ideas and disgust or celebration of what the administration does or don’t do is over. I will not get wrapped up in political jargon and allow my focus to be diverted from what I have to maintain my focus on. Am I concerned? Absolutely. I would be regardless of who is in office because I am raising a child in this culture. HOWEVER, It is time my faith rose to a whole nutha level and put my attention and energies in pursuing THE ONE who holds it all in The Palm of His Hand anyway! Jesus is still the answer and He is not a Republican or Democrat!

I hate that The Church has been so divided politically in this election based on party, race, opinion, policy, whatever, because if you are a child of God, we serve 1 King! We need to keep our faith and attention on THE ONE who is always the Right Answer! He has ALREADY WON! Get a Perspective Shift!

So What? Is your ranting and raving and grief and worry adding more grace and peace and love and joy to your life? Of Course not! Quit focusing on these things and seek Him and His Heart more and let Him take your anger and worry off your chest because you weren’t made to carry all of it in the first place… Pray for the President and all the elected officials. Let’s move on as 1 Country UNDER GOD and set an example Church of what it means to live our lives for Jesus!

Be The light! Love God. Love People… Even those you don’t agree with! Jesus did…

Rant Over…

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