Determined… Dedicated

Several months ago, I took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw looking back at me. I had gotten more out of shape than I have ever been in my life, I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life, and I was also not exactly the happiest person on the earth at the time.

I had volunteered to coach a youth football team along with my responsibilities of being a husband, father and The Lead Pastor for Oasis Church. I knew this would take some time away from the family, although it would be Ethan’s team I was coaching. I just couldn’t fathom the idea of pushing 11-13 year old young men to get in shape and do physical drills that I might not be able to do myself. Something changed in me.

My wife and son bought me a Jawbone UP24 fitness bracelet for Father’s Day and I was determined at that time to utilize all my efforts to change what I saw in the mirror that morning so I wouldn’t be living hypocritical as a coach and as someone who speaks dedication and devotion with us being a good steward with all That God has given us.

Since then, I can say that I have lost almost 35 pounds, which puts me close to high school weight and I feel better than I have in years! It hasn’t come easy. It has been a sacrifice at times. (No Hershey’s chocolate bars!) Although a sacrifice at one time, now I earnestly desire to eat healthy all of the time while watching calories and staying active. What once was a sacrifice to make myself do, is now a formidable lifestyle and dedication to continue.

As so goes our physical life, so does our spiritual life. We have to exercise spiritual disciplines in order to grow and mature and get in shape. Just going to church once a week, or twice a month, or as a CEO (Christmas and Easter Only) will do nothing for you. We have to not only hear The Word, Read The Word, but we must APPLY The Word. When we do that, we get in healthier spiritual shape.

Part of the problem with the American Church is that we are religiously obese. We sit at the table (in church experiences), we eat and we eat and we eat and we never exercise what we learn and therefore we become religiously overweight and stagnant.

I want to grow. I want to be healthy and mature. The Only way for that to happen is to be dedicated and determined and INTENTIONAL. It won’t just happen. Just like losing my almost 35 pounds didnt just happen. It was an intentional effort, determined discipline and dedication that got to me where I am.

Spiritually, I want to live my live that way too. I want to be intentional in my growth and take ownership of my healthy relationship with God and live a determined life of discipline dedicated to Christ so I can become all that He desires me to be and my influence would be more outstretched for Him.

We become what we set our mind and hearts to become. We can do whatever we are determined to do. What is your determination about the place you are in? What do you see when you look into the mirror? What about in the mirror of God’s Word?

Make a decision today to go ALL IN! No holding back! Give Jesus your all! Watch Him Shape your life in an amazing way!

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