A Few things to the Oasis Family…

What a great weekend and overall summer we have had at Oasis! Next weekend, the time changes and we FALL BACK 1 hour on Saturday night. DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Fall back time change for me is the actual beginning of Fall. As I reflect back on this summer and all that has happened at Oasis, I can only say WOW!

We grew in attendance this summer by about 20% and witnessed Hundreds of people come to know Jesus in our weekly Experiences! Since July, 265 people have given their lives to Christ! Since January 1st of 2014, over 565 people have made Jesus The Lord of their lives! WOW!

Over 120 people have went through the waters of baptism!
Over 300 have completed the Next Step class!
Over 250 serve on Serve Teams on the weekends!

The stories of healed marriages and life-change are beyond the room I have to type! In a nutshell, it is amazing what The Lord is doing at Oasis Church!

On a tangible note, we completed our parking lot renovations (with exception of landscaping) and improvements to increase our parking capacity. We had concluded all the building projects we began this year for renovations and improvements on facilities along with new exterior signs.

We completed our staff vacancies this year by hiring the absolutely best leaders for the team! This includes Matt Thompson as Worship Leader and director of Oasis Creative, Chris Stafford as Student Pastor of The Mix, Magon Litton as Children’s Pastor of Oasis Kids, and Jessica Versiga in Administration as Office Manager and pastoral assistant.

I am saying all of this to say this… THANK YOU OASIS! You are making life change possible every single weekend and it shows!

Thank you for blessing me and my family this month with Pastor Appreciation and the gifts and the financial contributions you made! This is a huge blessing for me and my family beyond what you realize!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing family and investing your resources and gifts into THE HOUSE that makes all of this life-change possible!

This winter and 2015 will be much GREATER!!!

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all next weekend as we begin a new series titled “In The Zone”!


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