Change is coming… Weekend Update

What a Great Experience Sunday morning at Oasis Church! At least 5 people gave their heart to Jesus and many lives were visually touched and changed by The Presence of The Holy Spirit! Seeing People surrender their lives to Jesus never gets old! It is what keeps me doing what I do!

We concluded the Power of a God Encounter series talking about Peter. I love Peter. I can relate too well at times! You can watch this talk on the website if you like. Click on the MEDIA menu button at the top and then WATCH SERVICES.

Many great things in the works at Oasis. Wednesday nights in March will be worship experiences with one of our staff speaking each night and our worship team leading worship. The First Wednesday on March 3, Will Seymour our student pastor will be speaking and the FORWARD STUDENT MINISTRIES Worship team will be leading worship in the main auditorium for a joint FIRST WEDNESDAY Experience! I am excited about that as we have witnessed each week around 60-80 teenagers in the Student Experience in Higher Grounds each week.

I start a new series next week titled “5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life”. This is going to be fun! This series will lead us into the Sunday before Easter as we will be preparing for the largest Experience of the year on Easter Sunday. Last year close to 500 people crammed into the main auditorium and at least 55 people gave their hearts to Jesus! We are expecting maybe twice that this year as we are looking at 2 different Worship Experiences on Easter Sunday morning. More on that later.

There is alot of change in the air! Change is good! I am truly excited about all that is happening and all that is coming this year. This upcoming Sunday night is Encounter Night at Oasis Church as we gather for the once a month PM Experience. This is always a very powerful Experience as passionate people for The Presence of God Gather to Praise Him!

Some new Life Groups are in full swing and more are coming. Stay tuned to the Oasis Facebook page at for more information on that.

I will be posting more in the coming days to this blog… stay tuned and thanks for stopping by…

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